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The Tanzania International University (TIU) was established in 2010. The rationale of establishment of the University is to engineer and spearhead practically based continuous knowledge, skills development and growth of its internal and external clients. Accordingly, the TIU is responsible for innovative imagination of practical academic and professional knowledge and skills that is evidenced by best performance practices and demonstrated by improved life-styles of the people. The TIU espouses the philosophy that living is learning and learning is living better than before.

Admission System and Procedures for Admission into Higher Education Institutions

One of the mandates of the Tanzania Commission for Universities as spelt out in the Universities Act is to coordinate admissions into higher education institutions in Tanzania. The final decision, however, on who is to be admitted is made by higher education institutions. Due to the growing number of higher education institutions and the subsequent expansion of student enrolment, in recent years the admission process into the institutions has become complicated, leading to a number of problems including the following:

Students spending a lot of money and time in applying for admission in a number of institutions so as to improve chances of being admitted.